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History of the FAE

On April 5, 1969 Dr. Jack Landsberg mailed a letter containing a proposed constitution to all the endodontists in the state of Florida to establish a statewide organization. This was the result of a group of endodontists in the Greater Miami Endodontic Study Club. They decided at the 1969 American Association of Endodontists (AAE) meeting in Chicago that a statewide organization would better serve the multiple diverse, local state study clubs. The Florida endodontists met and adopted the constitution and the first Florida Society of Endodontists meeting was held in conjunction with the Southern Endodontic Study Club in point Clear, Alabama. It was at this meeting the first state officers were elected.  The name of the organization was changed to the Florida Association of Endodontists (FAE) in the 70’s.

The Florida Association of Endodontists (FAE) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation whose membership today exceeds 220 endodontists and is an affiliate of the American Association of Endodontists.

Twenty Charter Members of the FAE
Dr. David J. Badat
Dr. Laurent W. Belanger
Dr. Richard W. Ehlers
Dr. Harold Fox
Dr. Ronald M. Gittess
Dr. Harold Goodis
Dr. Edward Green
Dr. Ernest J. Horky
Dr. Jack Landsberg
Dr. R.C. McDavid
Dr. Peter M. McGarry
Dr. Jesse A. Mitchell, Jr.
Dr. William S. Mitchell
Dr. David M. Mizrahi
Dr. Larry Price
Dr. Arnold Shaw
Dr. Wayne O. Smith
Dr. Robert A. Uchin
Dr. Gerald Wernick
Dr. B. L. Wilkerson, Jr.

FAE Past Presidents
1970-1974 - Dr. Gerald Wernick
1974-1976 - Dr. Robert Uchin
1976-1978 - Dr. Jack Landsberg
1978-1980 - Dr. Laurent W. Belanger
1980-1982 - Dr. David B. Whitaker
1982-1984 - Dr. Fred H. Widerman
1984-1986 - Dr. Greg Galland
1986-1988 - Dr. Edward A. Kotz
1988-1990 - Dr. H. Wayne Todd
1990-1992 - Dr. Samuel O. Dorn
1992-1994 - Dr. Greg Braunstein
1994-1996 - Dr. Randy W. Griffin
1996-1998 - Dr. James Guttuso
1998-2000 - Dr. Glenn L. Paulk
2000-2002 - Dr. Sheldon R. Mann
2002-2004 - Dr. Gayle Obermayr
2004-2006 - Dr. Bradley Schiff
2006-2008 - Dr. Lee Anne Keough
2008-2010 - Dr. Frederic Kaplan
2010-2012 - Dr. Tim Temple
2012-2014 - Dr. Patti Dowling
2014-2016 - Dr. Leandro Britto
2016-2018 - Dr. Michael DeGrood

To become a member of the Florida Association of Endodontists, contact the American Association of Endodontists at: 1-800-872-3636 or email: